Whitefella Walkabout

From my earliest memories growing up in Kenya in East Africa I have been a wanderer ... watching for the view over the next hill, exploring rough tracks and the most remote places I could reach, whether on horseback or in a four wheel drive vehicle.

As a boy I used to draw and paint the African wildlife and landscapes. As a man I dabbled in photography. A few years ago, when I started exploring Australia, I felt compelled to truly capture the beautiful landscapes around me and the feelings the places engendered. Now my life seems to have been consumed by the urge to seek out those unique and subtle combinations of lines, textures, light, colour, depth and movement that nature so kindly lays out for our enjoyment. I am always looking for a different perspective in the landscape or that little something that highlights the behaviour of birds and other animals in their natural environments.

As a full time nomad, I am now living on the road and learning how to create images that speak to people. My photography is my passion and I have a wonderful time travelling to so many remote places to get "that special shot". I recently spent four months in Tasmania and I had a fabulous time exploring the state. I am very much looking forward to a return visit, but that will have to wait until I return from an extended trip around Africa.

I truly hope you enjoy looking at these images. Please feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions about any particular photo or location.

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