Steve Whitworth

My name is Steve Whitworth and I’m a photo-enthusiast who loves experimenting with rich landscapes, captivating nightscapes and enchanting images of our natural world.

We all know that life is a journey with almost limitless possibilities but I believe that every journey in life has a destination.

On the whole, my life’s journey has been a very enjoyable experience that has led me through many stages of personal development and growth. My journey began in the beautiful and historic countryside of southern England (yes, I’m an ex-pom but I support the Aussies in the cricket), twenty five years ago it was reinvented in the wilds of Western Australia and now, inspiration abounds in the untamed natural beauty that is this magnificent island state of Tasmania. A land of contrasts, where the creative spirit is allowed to wander free and frolic amidst the extraordinarily varied landscapes and vast unspoilt wildernesses. A land where you can totally immerse yourself in nature and sometimes feel that you are the only soul on this Earth.

My Tasmanian journey has only just begun but I am sure that the road ahead holds many wonders yet to be discovered. My personal goal when photographing Tasmania’s stunning natural beauty is to reveal its spirit and capture its alluring essence.

I hope that you enjoy viewing the photographs that I have posted here. More of my work can be found at the end of the links below:

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