There is no better way to access Lake Pedder’s 40 islands and over 1000 quartzite beaches than by kayak. Perfect for first timers or great for the whole family. Immerse yourself in the pristine environment of Lake Pedder and Lake Gordon waterways.

Fully equipped single person kayak rentals are available from Pedder Wilderness Lodge:

½ day rental - $45
Full day rental - $90

Kayaking trips from the doorstep can be adventurous and magical. Taking in the mirror like waters through Bells Basin, flowing onto Serpentine Reach or enjoy a unique experience like no other, as you wine and dine on the quartz beach of Wilmot Island before making the trek back to the warmth and luxuries of the Lodge, who knows, you may discover something new and untouched!

Guided Kayaking

TassieBound offer half day adventures on Lake Pedder, including lunch, morning tea and refreshments. Check out TassieBound's kayak tour by clicking the logo below to see how you can explore Lake Pedder.


Images courtesy of TassieBound