Isla MacGregor

Isla MacGregor first came to Tasmania on a motorbike tour in 1978. After travelling for just over twenty minutes west from Devonport Isla fell in love with Tasmania and knew this was where she wanted to live. In the 1980's she worked on several environmental campaigns and gained an understanding about how precious and fragile Tasmania's ecosystems are.

Having come more from a painting background, it has been said of Isla photography that she “paints with her camera”. Isla's favourite kayaking destination is Swan Island at the southern end of Lake Pedder. In addition to exploring many unfrequented areas of Tasmania, Isla returns regularly to the beautiful tarns surrounded by stands of nothofagus gunnii at Mount Field.

Isla has a keen eye for seeing the unseen and developing a theme from physical engagement with her subject. Human made structures and the human form are often incorporated in her work which often shows the inextricable ramifications of long term human impacts on the natural world.

Entropy 1, Isla's first Photographic Exhibition in 2015, has featured on Australian Geographic online and won the Australian LEAD Group's Volcano Art Prize. In 2017 her work was included in an exhibition in Wellington New Zealand – Too Much Truth. Independent news website,, frequently publishes Isla's photographs in the 1st Day of the Month series and her work has featured in ABC Weather Calendars.