Bushwalks and Hiking

The rugged Southwest has been described as home to some of the most unique, gnarly, remote bushwalking in all of Australia. As a part of the Wilderness World Heritage Area, the National Park offers pristine coastlines, forests, rivers, lakes, and mountains. In particular, in coordinating the logistics of your hikes out of Pedder Wilderness Lodge; Mt Eliza, Mt Wedge, The Sentinels and Scotts Peak entry points, can all be conveniently accessed by a short drive and a quality effort.

In terms of scenery, the southwest is unparalleled to any other region in Tasmania. The diversity of such a vast area is demonstrated by their immense variability in topography; from Button Grass Plateaus to ancient Jurassic Dolerite Mountain ranges; from the ancient, lush forests to the deep blue, inland lakes.

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Creepy Crawly Nature Trail

30 minute return. Start 10km down Scott Peak Rd. Easy.

The Creepy Crawly Nature Trail is a short wilderness boardwalk track through lush, temperate rainforest. The trail is as tranquil as it is adventurous.

Eliza Plateau

5 hour return. Start 28km down Scott Peak Rd at Condominium Creek. Difficult.

The walk to Mount Eliza requires both perseverance and a physically capable individual. For the majority of this hike you will be vertically challenged by a progressive, steep climb through button grass and vibrant alpine surroundings before ascending over a field of boulders to the plateau. Once at the top, breath-taking views of Lake Pedder, the Franklin Range and Lake Judd can be seen.

The Needles

2 hour return. Start at car park across from “Highest Elevation” sign. Moderate - Difficult.

The Needles is a three-kilometre trail, which begins at the highest point on the Gordon River Road, en route to Lake Pedder. The impressive size and haunting nature of this trail is realised as the harsh grey face of the first needle like outcrop comes into view, early in the walk. The trail is slightly over-grown so expect some resistance while paving your way to the top.

Teds Beach

10 minute return. Accessed along the coast of Ted’s Beach. Easy.

Teds Beach Boardwalk provides an excellent perspective on the vastness of Lake Pedder, serenity of the surrounding area; a glimpse towards the Frankland Mountains and offers ideal entry points into the lake.

Gordon Dam Wall

Gordon Dam Wall is a must see for any visitor to the South West and descending the stairs on to the face of the Gordon Dam is a must for any adventurous traveller. With the dam wall already standing at a colossal 140 metres and holding 30 times the water of Sydney Harbour, the trip down on the steel mesh steps is not for the faint hearted, but definitely worth it to appreciate the awe inspiring feat of engineering and the view alike.