In the early days after the flooding which created the present Lake Pedder, the trout fishing was renowned for the large size of the lake’s fish. Fish above five kilograms were plentiful and frequently caught. In those days there was a significant residential population at Strathgordon. It was this group that formed the Lake Pedder Anglers Club, initially known as the Strathgordon Licensed Anglers Club (SLAC).

Today, brown trout are plentiful and there is the occasional rainbow trout to be found. However, a fish larger than 1½ kilograms has not been caught from Lake Pedder for at least five years. (Although there is a story of a tourist catching a rainbow trout off Teds Beach that weighed in over 2 kilograms).

Many experienced fishermen believe some large fish are still in the lake as there are frequently stories of broken lines. The yabbie population in the lake is enormous and provides a great food supply for the trout. Most fish caught from Lake Pedder contain yabbies in their gut and stories of live yabbies taken from the gut abound. The availability of such a food source could take the big fish to locations untouched by fishermen.

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