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Mark Stothard

Mark is one of the owners of the magnificent True North, in partnership with Craig Howson and is a passionate photographer. His motto is do it once and do it right.

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Luke Obrien

I believe a good photograph can move the viewer not only to see what it is that the photographer sees, but also to encourage and inspire the viewer to see these scenes for him or herself.

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Steve Whitworth

My name is Steve Whitworth and I’m a photo-enthusiast who loves experimenting with rich landscapes, captivating nightscapes and enchanting images of our natural world.

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Al Long

Alan Long is a Tasmanian landscape photographer and a patient purveyor of timelapse. He is inspired by the rugged beauty of the Tasmanian landscape, often trekking solo into the wilderness in pursuit of images whilst enjoying many hours of awe of the pristine Tassie environment.

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Francois Fourie

Born and raised in South Africa, I had ambitions to travel the world once I completed school. After living out of a backpack for eight years, I settled in Tasmania with my family. I am most happy with a camera in hand, no matter what it is I'm photographing.

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Misc. Photos

A collection of photographs taken around the lodge.

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