"I firmly believe Ben Salter to be one of Australia's best singers, and if I weren't so goddamn competitive, one of its best songwriters as well.” - Tim Rogers (You Am I, The Temperance Union)

Ben Salter

Ben Salter is one of Australia’s most highly regarded performers and songwriters. As well as being a founding member of Giants of Science, The Gin Club and the three-time ARIA-nominated Wilson Pickers, he is an accomplished artist in his own right. His debut solo album The Cat (2011) and follow up The Stars My Destination (2015) have established his penchant for eclectic, esoteric arrangements and sounds that take in elements of rock, pop, jazz, folk, country and beyond, whilst all maintaining a coherence and inimitable melodic style.

Salter has collaborated, written and performed with artists as diverse as Mick Thomas (Weddings, Parties, Anything), Tim Rogers (You Am I, The Temperance Union), Bernard Fanning (Powderfinger), Gareth Liddiard (The Drones) and Marlon Williams, to name a few. He has toured with acts such as Cat Power, J Mascis, Gareth Liddiard, Counting Crows, Marlon Williams and most recently Built To Spill.

Since the release of The Cat, Salter has toured relentlessly both across Australia as well as throughout Europe (on the back of two Arts Council songwriting and touring grants) and most recently to Japan. His third album, Back Yourself, is due to be released through ABC Music in August 2017.
Contact ben@bensalter.com.au for all booking & press enquiries.

“From brilliant string arrangements and the mellow acoustic moments to heavier, superbly crafted dramatic flourishes, this is sure to feature in many 2015 best album lists.” - Martin Boulton

“The Cat was a laudable debut, but it’s The Stars My Destination that establishes Salter’s position alongside songwriting luminaries such as Paul Kelly, Gareth Liddiard and Tim Rogers.” - Andrew McMillen

“Hugely affecting” - Everett True

“Why isn’t he better known than he is? That’s hard to explain when his first solo album, 2011’s The Cat, was a five-star classic, and a song like The Gin Club’s “You Me & The Sea” is one of the best songs anyone has written in the past 10 years.” - Noel Mengel

“Salter remains bitterly, brilliantly scathing.” - Doug Wallen

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