Guided Bushwalking and Kayaking

Lou and Cody of Wild Pedder offer fully guided hiking and bushwalking packages for all kinds of experienced walkers. Complete tours leaving Hobart, take in the sights and wonders of the Derwent Valley, Mt Field National and the stunning surrounds of Maydena. Each tour is treated to premium Tasmanian wine and produce at the breathtaking Lake Pedder Wilderness Lodge where you’ll spend the next 3 nights.

Vehicle aided trips take in some of Tasmania’s most iconic scenery and stunning hiking around Lake Pedder including: Mount Eliza & Eliza Plateau, Florentine Valley Walk and view the lodge from the water with a unique Kayaking experience before returning to Hobart.

Lou and Cody are the best of mates and between them hold qualifications and experience across the areas of Environmental Science, Engineering, Wilderness First Aid, Expedition Medicine, Sea Kayak Guide, White Water Guide, Abseiling Instructor, Swift Water Rescue, Search and Rescue and Navigation Instruction. The boys know the Southwest and they know how to have fun all the while making sure you have the experience of your life in a safe environment!

Fitness Preparation for Wild Pedder

Whilst the Wild Pedder activities are not extreme in any sense, there is still a requirement for a reasonable level of fitness to both ensure your safety, and for your enjoyment of the experience.

If you are capable of walking an average of 12 km a day over four consecutive days across rugged terrain, then you will be fine for our walks. We include a 16 km kayak in our itinerary, which requires the same level of cardio vascular fitness as one of our walks, with the added bonus that you get to rest your legs!

Steep inclines and declines are a part of hiking in the wilderness, which at times can be hard on peoples knees. It is recommended that people take this into account when booking onto our trips. In saying this, we are well aware that this is a part of the adventure and we will be taking our time to ensure everyone feels comfortable, can pause to take photos, soak up the stunning vistas, and don't feel rushed.

The Adventure

The walking and kayaking we provide at Wild Pedder is designed to amaze and challenge people. Our trips are targeted at people who have undertaken some form of bushwalking, adventure trips, kayaking or trekking in the past. However, with thorough preparation our itineraries are suitable to people with limited experience and an adventurous heart.

Challenging mountain ascents and descents, and open water kayaking and alike are part and parcel of our trips; a well justified meal at the end of the day is what we aim for. Our itinerary intends to get the most out of the landscapes around us, whilst providing the opportunity for people to push themselves and achieve rewarding results both physically and mentally.

All guides working for Wild Pedder are qualified in Wilderness First Aid, and our leaders are very experienced in the field of wilderness guiding and expedition style trips. Decisions on itinerary changes based on weather patterns, and the comfort and safety of our guests is paramount.

All decisions are carefully considered, and conclusions are made in the best interests of safety and experience.

More information can be found at, by emailing or by calling +61 456 869 092